Business Advisory

We can work with you at all stages of your business development and provide the strategic support you need to be financially aware of how your business is performing and what, if any, steps you will need to take.

Our business advisory services include:

  • Business start-up - From what to do if you have a home based business/sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.
  • Reviewing your business performance and analyzing how changes to your current performance could impact your cash flow.

Imagine having instant answers to "what if" questions like:

- What if sales volume increased?
- What if we increased or decreased prices?
- What if we increase efforts on accounts receivable collection?

These questions will have a direct impact on cash flow and financial results. We can show you how to set goals to meet the financial objects you desire.

  • Preparation of Financial Projections
  • Purchase or Sale of a Business – shares versus assets
  • Succession planning

We have the depth of accounting and tax knowledge and legal and financial contacts to move you in the direction needed. We understand the demands you face and we are committed to providing supportive advice and assistance to all our clients no matter how small or large.

Call us at 403.348.0555 today to make an appointment.

What to look for when choosing a business advisor?

As Chartered Professional Accountants we are more than just accountants. 

We offer you: 

1) Experience - We have worked with small businesses that have grown to be large businesses bought out by private equity groups.  We offer value and service seldom matched.

2) Trust - Our firm has the resources to ensure your needs are met and confidentially.

3) Leadership - We provide collaborative leadership when you need to go the next step and are uncertain.

4) Value - We will help your business succeed by providing service that meets the value you wish.

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