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Tax Advice and Filings

In Red Deer &

Central Alberta

Whether your looking to file your taxes or for tax advice, we are ready to help! Effective tax planning is more than minimizing taxes paid. Tax implications arise with almost every financial decision. Tax decisions involve more than choosing between two alternatives. It is not that easy. Getting the right advice can make the difference in making an informed decision while balancing your overall financial and tax objectives. Our tax advisors in Red Deer are able to help with an array of different tax issues and tax filings. We will direct you towards the best solution for your needs. Call us today.

tax advisor shaking hand with the customer

Tax Services for Corporations

Tax return preparation and planning

Merger and acquisition tax planning

Shareholder remuneration planning

Retirement and business succession tax planning

Entity Structuring

To get more information on the preparation and regulations for corporate tax, please see the following:

professional working together

Tax Services for Individuals

Income tax planning, return preparation

Bookkeeping and tax planning for business and rental income

Planning, return preparation, and record-keeping for farming income

Investment tax planning and capital gain tax minimization

To get more information on personal tax preparation and regulations, please see the following:

progress report being discussed

Tax Services for Partnerships

Tax planning and preparation of partnership returns

Investment tax planning

Tax opportunities for partnership income

To get more information on partnership tax reporting, please see the following:

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Tax Services for Estates and Trusts

Planning and preparation of estates and trust returns

To get more information on estate tax and trust returns, please see the following:

Retirement and estate planning

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