Tax Preparation & Consulting

Tax implications arise with almost every financial decision. Getting the right advice can be the difference between a regretted decision and a successful one. Our tax advisors are able to help with an array of different tax problems, and will direct you to the best solution for your individual situation.

Tax Services for Corporations

  • Tax return preparation and planning
  • Merger and acquisition tax planning
  • Shareholder remuneration planning
  • Retirement and business succession tax planning
  • Entity structuring

To get more information on the preparation and regulations for corporate tax, please see the following link:

Tax Guide for Corporations

Tax Services for Individuals

  • Income tax planning, return preparation
  • Final personal tax return - what to do when a loved one passes?
  • Bookkeeping and tax planning for business and rental income
  • Planning, return preparation, and record keeping for farming income
  • Investment tax planning and capital gain tax minimization

To get more information on personal tax preparation and regulations, please see the following link:

Personal Tax Preparation Guide

Tax Services for Partnerships

  • Tax planning and preparation of partnership returns
  • Investment tax planning
  • Tax opportunities for partnership income

To get more information on partnership tax reporting, please see the following link: 

Tax Guide for Partnerships

Tax Services for Estates and Trusts

  • Planning and preparation of estates and trust returns
  • Death of a taxpayer - what to do?
  • Retirement and estate planning

To get more information on estate tax and trust returns, please see the following link:

Tax Guide for Trusts

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