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Swainson Alexander LLP Chartered Professional Accountants 

At Swainson Alexander LLP, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients by adding value to their business or clarity to their tax situation. Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants serves Red Deer and Central Alberta with comprehensive accounting and tax advice. 

We can help you improve your accounting system, file your taxes, make sense of your business numbers - Swainson Alexander LLP covers a full spectrum of accounting and tax services of both personal and corporate clients.

Chartered Professional Accountants serving Red Deer and Central Alberta

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you should be looking for" 

At Swainson Alexander LLP, we strive to provide exceptional value and service. As seen in the last year, times are changing! Now might be the time for a change in your business. We are welcoming new clients, if you are looking for value, call to talk to us today!

Our Clients

Swainson Alexander LLP serves a wide array of personal and corporate clients in Red Deer and Central Alberta seeking accounting, business and tax advice, financial statements and income tax preparation.

Accounting expertise you can trust:


Professionals (medical, dentists, lawyers…)

Construction (contractors, residential, commercial…)

Farming (Agrilnvest, Agristability, and intergenerational farm planning…)

Estates (we are here to help when a loved one passes away)

Charities and not-for-profit organizations

Mergers and acquisitions

Real estate agents and brokers

Irrespective of your industry or business sector, our team at Swainson Alexander LLP can always help your company. Give our Chartered Professional Accountants a call today.

Property management

Not-for-Profit Review Engagement Openings

We are currently seeking review engagements for the fall and winter months. If you are a small to medium not-for-profit or a charity with a review engagement reporting requirement - please call to discuss how we can add value to your organization.

Remote Services Available

We have a number of services available remotely if you're unable to come into our office for any reason!

Electronic Signature

Sign a number of documents electronically using a secure e-signature. We offer electronic signatures that follow all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) security requirements.

Remote Attend

Meet with us remotely using video meeting software

Digital Document Submission

Share your documents using the secure document upload on our website, or call our office to get an individual secure file transfer link in order to share your documents quickly and securely.

Remote Payment

We offer payments over the phone, or by e-transfer.

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